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The Fight Against Racism


Why is this one isolated shooting in a small town in Florida now the face of the fight against racism? I really don’t understand it and find it rather sad that this uproar has taken focus from the real issues at large in this country. It also highlights the fact that some people are determined to keep the wounds of the past open as avenues of advantage and handouts.  Now if we are going to have a real and honest conversation we have to be somewhat educated about the subject of the conversation; don’t you think? So let’s browse some facts.

Most of us heard about the woman (white) and her 3-year-old daughter who were attacked in their home last month by a large deranged black man. For those that didn’t here is the headline and link to the story and video;

MILLBURN, N.J. – A hulking robber forced his way into a home and attacked a woman watching cartoons with her 3-year-old daughter, punching and kicking her in a series of assaults recorded by a home surveillance camera before throwing her down the basement stairs and nonchalantly walking out the front door, police said.

Read more: http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/national/VIDEO-Burglar-beats-woman-during-brutal-New-Jersey-home-invasion#ixzz2Z9gJ9Rry

Notice that the headline did not mention the race of the attacker or the victims, why?

Right well this happens every day across this country, just surf the web. The media, NAACP, and who knows what other groups seem to me to cherry pick certain criminal cases they can call racist and if this is what is happening how do we ever move on?  Which begs the question; are there some people who don’t want the race issue to ever be behind us? I think yes…………..

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