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Because I think the people in the story are not the story their names are not important to it, and I won’t use them, so only the question remains, “can we be real”? I would venture to say no as witnessed by the recent stand your ground case in Florida exposed. As usual the media and other social enterprises for lack of a better description, decided that case was worth reporting and so started the race reporting. What was so damming to me about the whole mess was the lack of real intent and the efforts of a few people to grab this as their cause and got the media buy-in, real cherry picking. This really is a microcosm of the intellectual subjugating by the folks that have their hands on the controls. Issues are raised and debated in this country not by the merits of the facts or the relevance of the issue but the degree it can separate and divide us because that’s what sells!

Another thing most people don’t realize is that they are being controlled by these news stories to the degree that most people after this case were forced by their friends and co-workers to make statements that would show their support one way or another regarding the outcome of the incident and its aftermath. People wanted to know and wanted others to know their stand on this issue and forced others by quilt to make similar stands.  HORSE SHIT!

So back to my question of can we be real, I think sometimes being real is perceived to be dangerous  and could cause others harm because the truth can be painful so people have found it easier to get their opinions and in a lot of cases their believes from the mainstream media.  The whole idea that we must be politically correct and suppress our real feelings is dangerous to the health and welfare of our country as feelings are repressed and people no longer see the value of telling the truth as the right way to communicate to one another, march lock-step with the loudest voices. Oh you sheeple should see yourselves.  So is the question valid or not, you can decide, but for me telling people how I see things as I really see them will always be the hand I play.