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Marijuana The Greening Of America


So no matter where you stand on the issue of marijuana it’s what’s for dinner………conversations. Whether it’s your kids, friends or relatives the subject is front and center now that legalized marijuana has hit the American scene. It started being legalized as medical marijuana and before that wave even had time to sweep the entire nation it was being legalized as a recreational drug like alcohol and that wave is steadily rolling across the country. So are you ready for the conversation?
For many years our parents and peers didn’t want to have a real conversation about marijuana since the government had so totally convinced them that it was evil on par with the likes of heroin and cocaine. No one wanted to talk about the many benefits “and there are many” of marijuana. You don’t have to smoke marijuana to feel its benefits as there are many more than just getting high. Fibers of mildew resistant marijuana have been made into rope (hemp) for centuries, the oil produced from the seed is one of the most durable oils in nature and is super resistant to viscosity break down ( think motor oil you never have to change) and the list goes on.
Of course the real issue is getting stoned. So I asked a policeman one day if he ever had to separate people who became violent after consuming alcohol and he said of course, many times but when asked the same question about marijuana he laughed and said never. So there’s that and the fact that no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana unlike most every other drug we know of. The question now is how you will see marijuana in light of its rapid legalization and acceptance and presence on the American scene. For the rest of you……….keep em rolling!

Peace Jc