Living The Life I Want

Sunrise Yoga
Sunrise Yoga

Sometimes on the path to personal enlightenment I believe I’ve become more focused on gaining information than living the life I want. Can I have the thought and be in the moment at the same time or am I twirling around for everything and nothing? I think a bit of both. Some days are clear as summer skies and hard inside my heart, but other days are not and I think about the end.

Yes the end, it sees us all reduced to the smallest particles of the stardust from which we came but never ends. It is the question of what to see and do until we begin that magical journey that always travels with us.  In my head I know the words; I’ve read them many times but only the quite journeys without the words can bring me peace of mind.

Sailing on a river of grass or hauling in the sheets, the mystery of the moment is all we have to make a life complete. So knowing this as you do, we all inside know the truth; you make the same to do the same to feel a word called safe!  A special time, a moment seldom seen, is taken outside your normal day, so why with life so precious and fleeting, burning itself away, do we have to make a plan, for a special day?

You read all the books and still I read on, true it is a special joy to have the gift of sight, but remember to gaze upon those special sights the one’s that nag the brain, the one’s no books contain or your TV set can show you. I need to do this on a daily basis as time is flying by and in my mind to waste that time is my only crime. So yes I spend some time on books and TV shows and other shit, I spend the rest in constant motion, always seeking always focused……..on what I’ll never know……how wonderful!


Peace Lj